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Braided Wig Maintenance | 6 WAYS TO CARE FOR YOUR BRAIDED WIGS

gerard Nynkeu

Posted on November 24 2020

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Not too long ago, a new fashion trend emerged, which soon became very popular among ladies, especially those of African descent – it was the Braided Wig trend. In a few short years, braided wigs became a must-have for many women on account of the convenience it brought.

One no longer needed to sit for hours, waiting while their hair was braided, and all the discomfort associated with braided hair suddenly became unnecessary. All you had to do was put on a wig – a braided wig, and you were suddenly sporting the coveted braided hair look – without the delay, and without the inconvenience!

It was an instant hit for obvious reasons, a million-dollar . . . or rather a literal billion-dollar idea (worldwide, billions of dollars worth of braided wigs are sold annually). And the ladies simply loved it!

But just as it is with every good invention or brilliant idea, when not properly handled, we all get to witness the ugly side of things.

Braided wigs that aren’t properly cared for could leave the wearer looking terrible, instead of pretty. And the worst part is that they could end up with an offensive odor – which is the very last thing any lady would want.

So, to avoid all that, we would be sharing with you tips on how to care for your braided wigs, so that they continue to look great for a long time to come. 


Here are 6 ways to care for your braided wigs: 


  1. WASH YOUR BRAIDED WIGS REGULARLY: It is recommended that you wash your braided wig after wearing them a few times, putting into consideration the duration and frequency of use. The best way to know when your braided wig is due for washing is to carefully observe the look . . . and smell. 

If it starts to look dull or dirty, wash it immediately. Do not even wait for it to start giving off an odor before you wash it; if you wait that long, you’ve waited too long! 

It is recommended that you wash your braided wig with warm water and a mild shampoo. Never use hot water, as that will definitely cause permanent damage to the synthetic material your braided wig is made of. 

You could add the shampoo into a big bowl of warm water, dip your braided wig in it and shake thoroughly; after that, you can rinse the wig. Also, make sure you don’t wash your braided wig the same way you hand-wash fabrics (hard scrubbing, squeezing etc) – scrubbing or squeezing the wig will damage it. 

All you need to do is dip it into the shampoo solution, shake thoroughly for some minutes and rinse – that’s all, nothing more! 


  1. SEAL THE TIPS USING HOT WATER: This is another important step to take to avoid frayed ends, and the possibility of the braids unravelling (getting undone). 

All you need to do is dip the tail end (tips) of the braided wig in a bowl of boiling hot water for about 6 seconds. Remember not to leave the tips in hot water for too long, as this will also result in damage. 

You could also curl up the tips of your braided wig using this same hot water treatment, giving those ends a fanciful look. All you need to do is roll up the tips of each individual strand using tiny plastic rollers (or anything else that can serve as rollers) after observing the step above. And when the tips are all rolled up, dip them into boiling hot water yet again for another few seconds. 

In the end, you’ll not only have the tips sealed but you may also have them beautifully curled up (if you so desire).  


  1. APPLY HAIR MOUSSE ON BRAIDED WIG: This step must be taken while the washed braided wig is still wet – if done after the wig has dried, you will not get the desired effect. Just apply a generous quantity of hair mousse to your wet braided wig to cause the stray bits of hair on the strands to stay in place. 

If this step is not done properly, by the time the braided wig dries, you will notice stray bits of hair sticking out of the strands of the braided wig, and that can give it an untidy look. 

While there are other ways to solve the problem of stray bits of hair sticking out (like manual trimming or running a flame through the strands), applying hair mousse while the wig is wet happens to be the safest and quickest method. And the end result (after the wig has dried) will look very smooth, shiny and beautiful!  


  1. SPRAY OIL SHEEN ON BRAIDED WIG: This can be done at any time to restore the shine on your braided wig. For this, you can use oil sheen spray, which is the preferable option, or you may also apply coconut oil.  
  1. APPLY HAIR DEODORIZER: There is always a tendency for braided wigs to develop a bad smell. To avoid this, regularly apply hair refresher or deodorizer to eliminate the possibility of your braided wig developing a bad smell. 

These products usually contain anti-bacterial chemicals that kill the bacteria that could cause the smell. They are also perfumed; that way, your braided wigs are not only odorless but actually end up smelling nice.  


  1. GET A MANNEQUIN HEAD FOR HANGING YOUR WIG: It is not okay to roll up and stuff your braided wig in a plastic bag, or some other place where it could become damp due to lack of air, or where it could be wrinkled. Dampness will encourage the multiplication of microbes (especially bacteria and fungi), and this will most certainly cause the wig to smell. 

The best way to store your braided wig is to air it by hanging it on a mannequin head. If you cannot get a mannequin head for hanging your wig, you could hang it anywhere else – just make sure it is hanged vertical, upright and in the open, where it can be aired.  

Now, those are our 6 ways to care for your braided wigs, but we are not done yet. We’ve considered the dos, now let’s focus on the don’ts – the things you must NOT do if you want your braided wigs to keep serving its purpose for a long time to come. 


Here are 6 things you must NOT do to your braided wig: 


  1. DO NOT TIE UP YOUR BRAIDED WIG ALL THE TIME: There is nothing wrong with tying up your braided wig once in a while when you wear it. But if you tie it up most of the time, and especially if you tie it at exactly the same position, your braided wig could develop a permanent kink at that spot where it is tied, and it could become damaged. 

Instead of having it tied up whenever you wear it, you should consider allowing it to hang loose, if you can. 

Alternatively, you could tie it a different way each time, to ensure that your braided wig isn’t tied up at exactly the same spot whenever you wear it. That way, the stress of being tied up is spread across several areas along the length of the braided wig strands, and not on the same area.  


  1. DO NOT SLEEP WHILE STILL WEARING YOUR WIG: If you are in the habit of falling asleep without removing your braided wig, you can be certain that you’ll be spending plenty of time trying to untangle the strands of your wig. And while trying to untangle it, you could end up breaking some strands. 

Sleeping while still wearing your braided wig will not only leave it tangled, but it could also lead to breakage or wrinkles, if you keep doing it often.  


  1. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BRAIDED WIG DAMP: If for any reason (washing, rain, sweat etc) your braided wig becomes damp, make sure you immediately hang it out to dry.  

If you have to box your braided wig, perhaps because you are travelling with it, make sure it is completely dry before you box it. And make sure you take it out of the box the moment you get to your destination. 

Bottom line is: never ever box a damp wig for any reason, and even if a wig is completely dry, do not leave it boxed for too long. 

This precaution is important because if a braided wig that has been left in damp, air-tight conditions begins to smell due to microbial activity, even if you eventually dry it, the smell will remain. 

The only way to get rid of the smell would be to wash it. So, even if you just washed it recently, and it still looks clean, if you make this mistake, you will be forced to wash it all over again in order to get rid of the smell.  


  1. DO NOT USE A BLOW DRYER ON YOUR BRAIDED WIG: The best way to dry your braided wig is to air it out in the open. If you must use a blow dryer for drying your braided wig, use it at the lowest heat setting. 

Using a blow dryer with a high heat setting for drying your braided wig will surely dry it quickly as you desire, but . . . there will be some unintended consequences – the wig will be permanently damaged by the heat of the dryer. 


  1. DO NOT COMB OR BRUSH YOUR BRAIDED WIG: If you must comb your braided wig, use a wide-toothed comb, or even your fingers. Attempting to comb your wig with a normal comb will very likely lead to the breakage of some of the strands. 

Also, using a brush on your braided wig will cause stray bits of hair to appear on the strands of your wig, leaving it in need of trimming.  


  1. DO NOT PLAIT THE ENDS OR BRAID THEM TOGETHER: It isn’t a good idea to plait the strands of your braided wig all the way to the very tip. Instead of doing that, simply seal the tips by dipping it in very hot water for a few seconds (the details of how to do this are in step 2 above). 

Also, if you braid the tips together, you may find it difficult to untangle later. So, just don’t do it – whatever styling you have in mind to effect on your braided hair should end close to the tail end of the strands, but should never get to the very tips.  

So, these above are the list of things you should NEVER do to your braided wig. And if you feel there are too many rules associated with the maintenance of braided wigs, you should know that they (braided wigs) really are one of the easiest to maintain among the many hair style options available to ladies.

And if you are a lady who loves wigs, but has never tried a braided wig, you probably should. Braided wigs are some of the most natural looking wigs available – if properly worn, it can be very difficult for others to recognize that it isn’t your real hair. They blend in so well, that they look not just deceptively natural, but also quite beautiful!

They also are some of the cheapest options available when it comes to wigs. They truly offer plenty of value, while costing relatively little.

Also, if you implement the recommendations we’ve given, your braided wigs could last a very long time – as long as 3 years! 

In conclusion, we do hope that if you are one of those wig lovers, who have never tried braided wigs, you would have been sufficiently convinced of the need for you to try this wonderful option that has become quite popular with ladies across the globe.

And when you do get yourself one of these, do make sure you take good care of it – that way, it will serve you for many years to come!

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We hope you have found these article tips useful. We would love to see how you have styled your handmade braided wigs. Please do keep in touch by sending us your photos or tagging us on social media. 


Check out our braided wigs for women to view our full collection of colourful, African styles. You can also be the first to receive our styling tips, latest blog articles, product news and offers by signing up to receive our monthly newsletter below:


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