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Posted on November 29 2020

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BRAIDED WIGS AND 100% HUMAN HAIRS NORMAL WIGS | braided wig | wigs | wigs for sale | african american wigs |



      Wigs are becoming popular among women especially black women. Wigs are a great accessory for working women and provide flexibility when it comes to preparing for your daily work routine. There are many kinds of wigs available in the market but in this article, we are going to talk about the differences between braided wigs and human hair wigs.


braided wigs for women


There are many kinds of wigs available in the market but in this article, we are going to talk about the differences between braided wigs and human hair wigs.

Wig has now become a cosmetic accessory that women like to wear. It gives them different styling options to choose from. In the past people who suffered hair loss used wigs but now it is being used as a fashion accessory. Braided wigs are also becoming popular and it is a great way to protect your original hair while showing your style. If you are looking to change your look without damaging your original hair, then braided hair wigs are a great choice. There are endless options in terms of styling. You can add a braided wig to your beauty routine. There are two types of wigs; human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. Human hair wigs are more expensive as they are made from real human hair. But you don’t have to worry about that. Nowadays you can get a synthetic wig that just looks and feels like human hair and they are also not expensive. One downside is that you can’t dye synthetic wigs as opposed to real human hair wigs. The most popular form of synthetic wigs is braided wigs. They are usually made from acrylic fibers or plastic that mimic real human hair.The quality of the wig depends on the manufacturing process and the fibers being used. If the fiber being used is of higher quality, then the wig will look more natural.

When you are choosing a wig, you should compare it with your natural hair or a natural hair wig. If the wig resembles your natural hair, then it is a good fit for you. Many artificial wigs are made of cheap quality material and get tangled and matted after a few weeks’ usages. When it comes to artificial wigs it is important to know that the curlier the hair of the wig the shorter the lifespan of the wig will be. You can get human haired wigs that are made from real human hair and provide flexibility in terms of styling. Before using a wig, you should wash your hair first and then put on the wig. Do not use a wig that is unclean and not yours. If you are suffering from a medical condition and facing hair loss, then hair wigs can be a great option to cover your head. You can also shampoo the wigs that are made from human hair. Human hair wigs should be treated like your own hair because they are made from real human hair.


real human hair wigs


The main difference between braided wigs and human hair wigs is the fiber of the wig. An artificial braided wig provides extra flexibility in terms of washing hair and keeping the style for a longer time. Human hair wigs on the other hand are made from 100% human hair and provide a realistic look. But one downside is that you will have to take care of these wigs just like human hair. They will have to be the re-styled one you wash your hair. It can be quite difficult sometimes to choose between a human hair wig and a braided wig. Human hair wigs provide a natural look and are more durable than normal wigs. They are also more expensive than artificial braided wigs. Human hair wigs can last for 1 to 3 years if you take proper care of them. Natural human hair wigs are made from 100% human hairs and that’s why they are remarkable soft. The shine and glow that human hair wigs provide can’t be replicated in braided hair wigs.

The popular four types of human hair used in wigs which include Chinese, European, Indonesian, and Indian. The most popular human wigs are Asian hair wigs. Asian hair is a popular choice because of its straightness. They are extremely straight because they have thicker denier. Due to their thickness and straightness, it can be quite difficult to curl Chinese hair wigs. If you are looking for a curly style, then Chinese or Asian hair will be a bad choice. They are also harder to style because of their thickness. If you are going for a straight hair look then Chinese human hair wigs are a good option. Indonesian hair wigs can be found for cheap because of greater supply. You can find ethnic style wigs in Indonesian hair wigs. Indian hair wigs have more texture and have thinner denier which closely resembles European hair wigs. The European hair wigs are the most expensive due to their short supply and huge demand. They have the finestdenier and of all hair wigs. The origin of the hair matters if you are talking about the quality of the wig.The strength and quality of the product also rely on the processing technique being used to make these products. These wigs need to be sanitized properly to add color and curl patterns. The chemicals that are used to make these curls and sanitization can affect the quality of the hair. That’s why the processing technique of polishing these hairs really matters a lot. If a high-quality chemical is used to produce these wigs, then they will last for a longer period of time.

It is highly recommended to use care products that are specifically made for human wig hair. That is because the human wig hair does not benefit from the natural oils that come from our scalp. Human hair wigs need regular conditioning. You also need to keep these wigs hydrated for using them for a longer period of time.

If we compare human hair wigs with braided wigs that are artificially made, then human hair wigs are definitely the superior choice. The major drawback of human hair wigs is that they need regular maintenance just like natural hair. They are also comparatively expensive than the braided hair wig. Some women prefer daily styling and for that purpose, human hair wigs are a good option. It gives them flexibility in terms of changing the appearance of hair and gives them a natural look. If you want something real and fun, then go for natural hair wigs. Natural hair wigs provide you more control when it comes to styling your hair. If you are going for a natural look and feel, then natural hair wigs are the one for you. One thing that you should keep in mind while buying human hair wigs is that they do not come in a box but instead you will have to order them, and a human hairstylist will customize it according to your head and hairstyle.

Due to technological advancement,the quality of artificial wigs is significantly improved. The quality is so improved that sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference that the wig is real or not. The texture and density of the hair are improved a lot and they look like real-life human hair. Some higher quality artificial braided wigs are so real that you can’tdiscern the difference unless you compare it with real human hair wig side by side. The one major advantage that artificial braided wigs have is that you can wear them out of the box without caring about the styling. The fiber used in these wigs is made of such material that it comes into its original shape with little effort. Another advantage of artificial braided wigs is that you can use them in any weather condition without worrying about the style getting frizzled. However, one downside of using these artificial braided wigs is that you can’t style it as you want. It lacks versatility in terms of styling. Human hair wigs can be styled as you require but artificial wigs come pre-styled and you have to stick with it. Some artificial wigs give you the option to change the curl pattern by using a heat style machine. Synthetic fiber is not like real fiber and can be difficult to change. Synthetic fiber is heat friendly and you can use heat styling equipment on fiber-based wigs. Artificial hair is also less durable than human hair wigs. These only last for 4 to 6 months if you take proper care of these wigs.You should follow the instructions when using synthetic hair wigs to get the most of it.

Braided wigs are a popular choice among black women. It adds to their beauty and they can choose from various style options. It is especially good for working women as they need to get prepared for the office on time. They say that time is money and braided wigs save you time. Natural hair braiding requires lots of time and you have to sit in a place for hours. It requires some patience to get your hair braided. Braided wigs had made it easier for women to prepare for work. Braided wigs require no time in wearing it right. Braided wigs ensure that your natural hair remains safe and does not suffer from thinning issues. If you pull and stretch your hair a lot and do braiding of your hair, then there is a chance that you can have hair loss in the future. The texture of our hair is very delicate and pulling it can cause damage to the hair. A braided wig allows you to wear the style you like without damaging your real hair in the process. You won’t even have to sit down for hours to get your hair braided.

Braided wigs come in many styles and you can choose the one that fits your personality. Braided wigs offer you diversity in terms of styling options and you can wear them easily without any effort required. You can use different braided wigs for different occasions and play around with different style options. In the case of natural hair, you don’t have the freedom to do many styles, but braided wigs give you that versatility.There is a braided wig for every style, and you can wear the style that suits you the most. It's all up to you. You can also protect your natural hair by using braided wigs. You can cover your hair defect with these wigs. If your hair is of short length, then you can increase the length of your hair by using these wigs. By using braided wigs, you essentially kill two birds with one stone. You protect your natural hair and style at the same time.

Hairs are the most beautiful treasure for women, and it boosts their confidence. Your hair plays an important role in your overall look. If your hair is messy then they can ruin your whole look. A good hairdo adds elegance to your overall appearance. A braided hair wig gives you the freedom to choose any style you want, and you can become presentable in a matter of minutes. You can just wake up in the morning and slide your hair and put on the wig and you’re good to go.

Wigs are a form of expression and nowadays they are being used as a fashion accessory. Many celebrities like Cardi B are using these wigs to express themselves. You can also use these wigs if you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning issues. You can express your creative side with braided wigs. If you are feeling like being exotic, then you can go with the human hair wigs. Human hair wigs give you the freedom to dye your hair.

These wigs will be the perfect companion with our African made clothing. We have a large selection of braided wigs and 100% natural human hair wigs to go with your style. We have professional hairstylists who style your wig according to your personality. Be creative and be yourself.

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