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Simple style tips for your African print dresses

gerard Nynkeu

Posted on November 22 2020

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Symple Style Tips for your African print dresses 

Traditionally known for their majestic colors and adventurous patterns, African dresses have seen a huge rise in sales in recent years. This is partially due to the variety that the apparel possesses. There are numerous amountsof ways you can wear them as they suit most occasions.

Maxi dresses:

A figure outlining the top of the dress is followed by a gradual loosening as it traces down the body to perform a comfortable and baggy appearance at the bottom. Generically the lower half of the dress is all the appeal, it gives freedom when moving and causes no restraint. Therefore the style that it contains is that of many.


When wearing a Maxi dress during the day, bold and bright colors must be worn. The colors can set the tone of the outfit. Bright colors such as yellow, orange, red can shine out beautifully especially in the sun. The key to wearing Maxi dresses is what accessories accompany them. Often a pair of sunglasses and sandals will cultivate this look, providing beachwear or a hot day’s outfit. For simple out and about tasks, flats are what to wear on your feet when tackling your daytime Maxi dress. The elasticity of your movement is something that these dresses do so well, far better than a lot of things on the market at the moment. If you can look free in your motions it adds to the authentic feel of it. The beautiful thing about Maxi dresses is the two extremes that you can go to. Regarding jewelry, colorfull or african print jewelry is an ideal choice. The buckle across your belt or thick hoops dangling from your ears. Some type of necklace to be worn, preventing a bland look to your skin. It’s the complete opposite of this laid-back sunny outfit when looking towards a more professional one.


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Nightlife/ formal occasions:

A belt, a blazer, and some leather boots can transform this look entirely, ready to attend work and any other professions. Mainly note about the shoes, however. For a night-time/ business look, heels are essential. The issue is this. The height of the heel must be exactly right, not too long or too short. You do not want your dress to be dragging along the floor behind you. Yet too short of a heel and it is no longer a Maxi dress. Jewelry is a must on night outs with the Maxi dress. Large pearls and colorfull bracelets glow specifically at night. A beige or cream-colored handbag whether it is day or night can enjoy both fits.


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Midi dresses:

The sister of the Maxi dress, the Midi dress. Known as the Midi dress due to it being the ‘Mid-calf’ dress. This is because the dress cuts off at the calf and it does not extend further to the ground. Midi dresses can be worn all year round due to the length. Spring, Summer, Autumn, winter are all ideal. The length of the dress is essential, something that Yalinat does so well.


The sleeves of the design are something to be wary about. Depending on the weather or the activities that present themselves to you, determines the length of the sleeves. Generically when it is hot the shorter the sleeves the better. What tends to be the case with Midi dresses and daytime/ summer is that colors such as blue, yellow, white and cream are very aesthetically pleasing. The dress can be accompanied by most things. Light sunglasses to further empathize the summer type of look goes well with the Midi dress. When searching for the perfect Midi dress the fabric must be light. Therefore, any size or shape that is added to your figure is prohibited.


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Nightlife/ formal occasions:

Similar to the Maxi dress, the midi dress can also be worn when heading to a formal occasion. The colors chosen must be much darker than that of the daytime look. Make sure to have some purple, pink, black and blue on your dress somewhere. Gold,blue, pink,  african print accessory and silver accessories go with this outfit very nicely, especially on your shoes. Ideally, the shoes should be darkened to match your outfit and also heeled. The heel of the shoe helps show the elongation of the leg a look which is very attractive with this dress. If you were to choose the darker colors you must stay committed with that from top to bottom of your outfit. The concept of blending in during the night-time is what gives this look such a great appeal and is why it is so popular.


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Maxi skirts:

Maxi skirts are full-length skirts that are suitable for any shape of a woman. Similar to the dress, the maxi skirt is extremely versatile. The skirt traces delicately around the waist and provides great comfort. The variety of color that the African print skirts come with is immense.

Nighttime/ formal occasions:

When looking for a Maxi skirt to wear for flash, the length is key. A long skirt that sweeps effortlessly along the floor gives an elegant and somewhat dramatic look. If you were to show up at a fancy event all eyes will be turned onto you. What works best with this type of look is the purity of the color. A singular color washing over the entire skirt creates a grand appearance. When selecting the shoes for these outfits try to match the color scheme.  A dark-colored dress requires dark shoes ideally black. In all cases, heels look immaculate with the Maxi skirt. Providing the elevation lifts the skirt higher and allows it to flurry in the wind. Be wary of the fabric when purchasing the Maxi skirts. the african dashiki maxi skirt especially in purple, black and yellow like the one below create a silhouette with the night sky. A small bag that matches the color of the skirt, preferably without a strap to provide a simplistic yet stylish look.


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 Day time:

Maxi skirts are very much seasonal. It is the shoes, the color, and the pattern of the skirt that help with this look. Similar to the night time look, the color of the skirt should match the shoes. Below is a lovely look for summer/springtime. The bright color of blue accompanied by black shoes are very in at the moment. To suit the colder temperatures ankle boots or high top boots. A lot of the time with Maxi skirts, less is better. A minimalistic look that matches and is accompanied by some sandals gives an old school feel of going to the beach.


dashiki maxi skirt for women | dashiki skirt | dashiki | 


Midi skirts:

Shorter than the Maxi skirt, the midi skirt ends someway down your calf. The design is crafted to fit every body type. Like the other dresses and skirts, it is a slim fit around the waist and loosens as you proceed down. The shape of it does vary, it can generally be referred to as similar to a flower.

Nigh time/ professional:

Midi skirts work well with a long overcoat so only the ends of the skirt are visible at the bottom. This works best with ones that have flair at the bottom. Equally, there are tighter ones that hug your legs. These are business ready and provide a sophisticated appearance. When going for a darker approach specifically for night outs, wearing tights or some sort of undergarment on your legs gives a lovely silhouette of a darkened and chic figure. A slim belt bland in color works well, especially at night or when you are not wearing as colorful clothes. The buckle should be small and basic so that the attention is on the different colors on the skirt.


dashiki midi skirt for women | dashiki skirt | dashiki |


 Day time:

On the contrary to daytime wear, a shorter jacket or blazer should be worn. Being able to expose the skin is a very appealing look. When wearing the shorter-sleeved jackets, be sure to apply thick jewelry, silver to go with the darker colors if worn. Most Midi dresses however are known for their bold colors. They can bring flavor to an outfit. In the summer/on hot days, tank tops go immaculately with the skirt. Either the same color to blend the outfit or a different one to give it an eye-catching feel, they both works If possible, add a necklace that matches the color of the top, as displayed below. Try avoiding wearing longer tops unless planning on tucking it into the skirt. This is so the slim tracing of the skirt around one’s waist can be seen creating a pleasing figure. A simplistic handbag, again one without a strap allows for the attraction to be solely on the skirt.


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African print:

When it comes to the African print there are two things to consider. The color, and the pattern. Yellow and orange, both two bright colors make for a lovely look on a regular day. I shall empathize again that the colors should be bright. What we tend to see with the African print about both the dresses and the skirts is that you can wear completely different colors or very similar colors, it still works. Even at night, the brighter colors can still look pleasing, especially blue. The design and layout of the patterns play a large role in the choosing of the correct dress. The stripey and repeated patterns are exceedingly popular as they catch people’s eyes.  Flower patterns, specifically sunflowers are also a noticeably popular decision. What we also see with the dresses is a ‘disk’ pattern. Disk in a sense as they are multicolored circular plates. They are an incredibly unique design and something which could work with multiple outfits.

We hope you have found these styling tips useful. Do not be scared to go all out with your accessories. The bolder the better! We would love to see how you have styled your african print dress. Please do keep in touch by sending us your photos or tagging us on social media.

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