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Fulani Braided Wig, Braidswig. Fulani cornrow colour 613, BR-00044-L

Fulani Braided Wig, Braidswig. Fulani cornrow colour 613, BR-00044-L

€191,99 EUR




Colour 613, fulani cornrow. Ready to ship. Full Lace wig
Exactly has pictured


We do not bleach knots any longer (applicable to some wigs) as we have had situations in the past where some clients feel knots bleaching is not sufficient or excessive. However, the lines of the lace will be properly tweezed.

The Cap usually fit all size

Standard length is 26/28inches.

As with braided wig making, the lace at the front, the excess part section of the lace that is usually cut off by the customer before it is worn is usually pin on the dummy, thus might come with holes, This part is usually cut off when you will be wearing your wig, thus does not affect the quality of your product in any way.Braids Materials:

The hair used in braiding the hair is sythetic hair from expression.

Full Frontal has lace at the front and dome cap at the back
Full Lace is lace all through Due to nature of the product,


returns are not accepted please. Read and be sure this is what you really want. I have described and put a lot of pictures to make informed decision.









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