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Nonso Ready to ship Braided Wigs

Nonso Ready to ship Braided Wigs

€159,79 EUR

Nonso Ready to ship Braided Wigs

Linked yourself with creativity by wearing this Our Nonso Ready to ship Braided Wigs. Our wigs are crafted deligently,we want you to have value for your money.


The hair used in braiding the hair is sythetic hair from expression. Due to nature of the product, returns are not accepted please. Read and be sure this is what you really want. I have described and put a lot of pictures to make informed decision.


  • Lace Frontal Wig,
  • Neatly and Tightly Done For Long Term Use
  • Hand Made braided Wigs
  • Material: Braid extensions are not heat resistant but can be curled or straightened with hot water
  • Guaranteed to Last For 3 Years 
  • Baby Hair: Yes
  • Color Shown: Black
  • Length: approx. 13 inches 0r ca. 30cm (overall length from root to longest tip - NOT each single braid)


Excess lace is uncut. It is ideal to cut excess lace first before trimming the babyhair. That is the reason we leave the babyhair weaved across the front.
Babyhair is best done afterwards and on the head, following your hairline. If you do not want babyhair you can cut it off completely.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question 









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